The MASTER 720

is a modular power unit that can be expanded as required and can supply up to 6 charging stations simultaneously.


The charging power of the MASTER 720 can be customised in 60 kW increments using expandable modules. Thanks to a maximum input power of 940kVA, a reliable power supply for up to 12 DC charging points can be ensured.


Various charging options


Technical specifications

Information about the product

Dimensions (W x D x H) 0.80m ×1.70m ×2.15m
Power configuration (AC/DC+DC/DC) 600kW + 720kW
Installation mode Floor-mounted
System Efficiency 94.5% (Full load), Maximum efficiency: 95.5%
Cooling Liquid cooling
IP Rating IP55
Communication Interface 4G, FE (Northbound communication)

Input specifications

Rated Input Voltage 2 X 400Vac, three-phase five-wire system
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current ≤931 A (Output: 600kW, Input: 400Vac)
Input Module 120kW AC/DC liquid-cooled module
Power Factor ≥0.99 (Load ≥50 %)
THDi ≤5 % (Load ≥50 %)

Output specifications

Output Voltage 200~1000Vdc
Output Module 60kW DC/DC liquid-cooled module
Current Ripple ≤ 1,5A @frequency <10Hz;
≤ 6A @frequency <5000Hz;
≤ 9A @frequency <150kHz
Voltage Ripple Voltage Ripple ≤ ±5V
Charging Connector Number Max.12

Environmental specifications

Operating Temperature -35°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -35°C to +70°C
Altitude ≤ 4000m
Relative Humidity 5 %~95 % (Non-condensing)
Noise ≤ 55 dB@25°C (Mute Mode), ≤ 60 dB@25°C (Standard mode)
Compliance IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-21-2
You can find all the technical specifications of the MASTER 720 charging station in the data sheet. Download now as a PDF.

The system principle

In combination with 6 x SMART 500, the MASTER 720 of the CHARGE-V can supply up to twelve electric vehicles with electricity at the same time. In addition to the powerful grid connection of up to 600 kW, the charging capacity can be increased with the help of a DC boost battery.

Grafik MASTER 720 & SMART 500 Gesamtsystem-1

The MASTER 720 of the CHARGE-V is the liquid-cooled centrepiece of an ultra-fast DC charging system for public charging stations and other locations. This power unit offers a maximum output of 600 kW per power supply unit and supports up to 12 outputs. By decoupling AC/DC and DC/DC modules, the power capacity of the power supply units is optimally utilised. The innovative liquid-cooled architecture with DC bus ensures improved charging, the highest quality and an extremely flexible architecture.

Grafik MASTER 720 & SMART 500 3 Systeaufbauten


Scalable satellite configuration


Max. input power
of 940kVA



load management


Charging power 600kW plus DC-Boost Battery



Power supply for three charging stations simultaneously

icon-label-05White label




Pre-installed ready
for connection


Powder-coated steel and aluminium housing

icon-kabelPower supply of up to 600kW per charging station

Tools Silhouette
Module customisation according to demand
(60kW steps)


CE declaration of conformity
IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-24


Our charging systems

  • SMART 160

  • MASTER 480

  • SMART 500

  • MASTER 720

  • COMPACT 80


The SMART 160 enables space-saving charging with a small footprint and integrated cable pull.

The CHARGE-V SMART 160 charging pole complies with calibration law and has a stowable cable pull system: the 6.5 metre long cable makes it easy for the user to handle when charging. Thanks to its compact size, the charging pole can be used flexibly in the city and is ideal for fleets, retailers, catering businesses and municipal utilities. 



The MASTER 480 is a modular power unit, whereby up to three charging stations can be supplied simultaneously and expanded as required.

The charging power of the MASTER 480 can be customised in 40kW increments using expandable modules. Due to the input power of max. 546kVA, a charging power of 3 x 22kW (AC charging) or 3 x 160kW (DC charging) can be guaranteed.



The SMART 500 is a powerful charging station with two DC charging points.

The 2 x 500kW SMART 500 of the CHARGE-V can be used flexibly in various applications and has 500kW DC power per charging point.



The MASTER 720 is a modular power unit that can supply up to 6 charging stations simultaneously.

The charging power of the MASTER 720 can be customised in 60 kW increments using expandable modules. Thanks to a maximum input power of 940kVA, a reliable power supply for up to 12 DC charging points can be ensured.



The COMPACT 80 is an all-in-one charging solution thanks to its integrated power electronics. 

The COMPACT 80 stand-alone charging station is equipped with two DC connections so that two electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously with 40kW each. If only one vehicle is being charged, the full DC charging power of 80kW can be called up.


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