A CO2 neutral world - and with a system


Four affiliated companies, one goal: implementing the energy transition

CHARGE-V is part of the ECO model "ENERGY WORLD", an association of four highly specialised companies: CHARGE-V, VISPIRON ENERGY, SEtrade and VISPIRON ECO INVESTMENT. ENERGY WORLD has the vision of creating a CO2-neutral world.

To achieve this, we are working together in a network and have developed a model that integrates renewable energy producers, consumers and storage facilities in an open ecosystem. This covers all relevant areas, from energy generation and load management to storage, energy trading, the management of charging stations and the trading of certificates. This enables direct access to green electricity and GHG quota trading, for example. 



VISPIRON ENERGY has been active in the photovoltaic industry since 2007. Regionally and internationally, we have realised more than 225 MWp of photovoltaic plants. Since 2020, solar combined cycle power plants have been consistently implemented in the ENERGY WORLD model. Solar parks with storage, high-power charging columns, direct supply and self-consumption is our focus.




Visprion Energy Solar





The electricity trading platform SEtrade is the conductor of the open ECO system. It controls the fluctuating energy generation and consumers. Surplus energy is sold, missing energy is procured and the storage facilities and charging stations are managed in terms of energy. It offers attractive PPAs, CPAs and management of charging stations and the handling of GHG quotas.


SEtrade Stromhandelsplattform




CHARGE-V is a manufacturer of intelligent high power charging systems (HPC). By networking the charging stations directly (hard wired) or via SEtrade with the energy industry, attractive operator models are created. ENERGY WORLD provides direct access to green electricity and GHG quota trading.




CHARGE-V Startseite


VISPIRON ECO INVESTMENT is responsible for key investments (storage and HPC charging infrastructure) so that ENERGY WORLD can be operated sustainably and at low risk. With the ECO crowdinvesting platform, we generate capital to finance innovative green-tec projects. This enables investors to invest in CO2-neutral projects.



Sustainable revenues through greenhouse gas reduction quotas, storage and RE plants

Due to the cooperation of these highly specialised companies, ENERGY WORLD can design the ECO model "Solar Combined Cycle Power Plants". This ECO model can be customised.

This allows commercial enterprises to tap into a lucrative source of revenue with photovoltaics, battery storage and electric charging stations if they can automate the complex optimisations.  Intraday trading and the greenhouse gas reduction quota are the new buzzwords