The greenhouse gas reduction quota

What is the GHG quota?

The greenhouse gas reduction quota, a government instrument

With the help of this climate protection measure, an incentive is to be created to use alternative fuels and thereby reduce the nationwide emissions. CO2 emissions can be reduced in various sectors, for example in transport. For this reason, the GHG quota is highly relevant for electromobility.


CO2-emissions in Germany by sector

In order to drive CO2 reduction, consumption in the different sectors must first be analysed. This can be divided into the following areas: Energy, Industry, Transport, Households, Agriculture, Trade and Commerce and Waste. 

CO2-consumption by sector (as of 2016):
37,8 %  Energy industry
20,7 %  Industry
18,2 %  Transport 
10,2 %  Households
7,8 %  Agriculture
4,2 %  Trade and commerce 
1,2 %  Waste 

Emissionessektor englisch

Emissions by substance

Within the framework of the Federal Climate Protection Act, binding greenhouse gas reduction targets were set for the years up to 2045. The goals of the federal government are to reduce German greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO2) by 65 % by 2030 compared to 1990 emissions, by 88 % by 2040 and to achieve climate neutrality by 2045.

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The principle of GHG quota trading

Statutory target value: reference value - defined quota.
The target value is the basis for determining the positive or negative GHG balance.

GHG balance: fuels * baseline value
The GHG balance represents the comparative value to the specified target value.

GHG balance < target value
A positive GHG balance results in financial rewards and certificates, thus creating a financial advantage.

GHG balance > target value
A negative GHG balance results in the generation or purchase of positive GHG allowances, creating a financial disadvantage.

Quotenhandel englisch

Sustainable revenues through
GHG reduction quotas, storage and RE plants

Commercial enterprises can tap into a lucrative source of revenue with photovoltaics, battery storage and electric charging stations if they can automate the complex optimisations. Intraday trading and greenhouse gas reduction quotas are the new buzzwords.
As an Energy World customer, you benefit from a sophisticated operating concept for charging systems. We supply green electricity, generate GHG quotas and market storage.


Reduce costs, secure quota revenues and save CO2

With our ECO model ENERGY WORLD, we offer you various business cases so that you too can benefit from a sophisticated operating concept for charging stations. We not only supply you with green electricity and market grid-connected storage, but also enable you to qualify for GHG quota revenues.